Hi there. My name is Dan Peek.

And no I am not Dan Peek the singer with the same name although I do enjoy his music!

If you’re looking for Dan Peek the singer then go here.

These days I’m a family man but in my younger days I used to love computer games.

My favorite computer game of all time is Metal Gear Solid and I remember getting it when it first came out on the Playstation.

Snake is probably one of the best computer game characters of all time.

My favorite thing in the world to do is to go hiking with my family.

I’m also a big music fan too.

I love all kinds of music.

Here’s my 10 favorite bands and musicians.. (In no particular order.)

  1. Elvis Presley
  2. Lynard Skynard
  3. Metallica
  4. Led Zeppelin
  5. Pink Floyd
  6. Marvin Gaye
  7. The Beatles
  8. B.B King
  9. The Rolling Stones
  10. Nirvana

I could go on but you get the idea.

Another thing that I really enjoy is reading

I try to read and write for at least an hour a day but sometimes it’s hard to find the time. I seem to read less and less these days.

I recently read The Lost Ways which is a great book on survival.

They say that writing is a skill that takes time to master.

I wouldn’t say I’m a great write but I’m getting better and would like to write my own fiction book one day.

The last book I read (If you can really call it a book.) Is “The 100 Interesting Facts That You Should Know But Probably Don’t.”

It has some pretty cool facts in it.

For example did you know that if you Google “zerg rush” then something COOL will happen..

Here’s another one for ya..

You know that lovely smell of freshly cut grass?

Well that’s actually the scent that grass releases when it’s in distress.

Grass has feeling too ya know!

Ok one last little fact for you..

Hummingbirds are the only species of bird that can fly backwards. Weird huh.

But let’s get back to me Dan Peek and what I’ll mainly be writing about on this blog.

Well I’m very into self improvement these days as I believe it’s important to look after your health from the inside and the outside which is why I now use Semenax becuase it seems to work.

Right now I’m also taking a bunch of supplements that I’ll be writing about in future posts.

Now let me be honest for a second.

I can be quite lazy so please forgive me if I don’t post here every day or even every week.

I’d like to try to post an article here at least every week or two and you’ll be able to see my most recent posts here.

It will all mostly be guy stuff.

Anyway thanks again for visiting!

Dan Peek