Hey everybody I’ve got to tell you about this fantastic new SURVIVAL book called The Lost Ways by Claude Davis.

It seems as if the world has gone CRAZY lately.

There’s wars going on.

Terrorists trying to destroy our way of life.

Hackers and governments invading our privacy.

And now we’ve almost got a civil war going on in America since Trump became president.

It’s a scary time to be alive.

So this got me thinking.

What would I do if the world as we know it just ended?

What if there was no more civilization or society.

Just chaos and solitude..

Would I be able to cope?

The answer = NO

And that’s pretty pathetic when you think about what the great pioneers of this country went through trekking across America.

So I thought that it was about time that learned how to survive, just in case..

A great man once said about learning survival skills in the outdoors..

“It’s better to have survival skills and not need them and need them and not have them.”

So I did some research and started hearing a lot of good things about this book called The Lost Ways.

You can buy a physical copy of it for an extra $8.99 but I just decided to buy the digital version. 🙂

I bought the book on a Sunday evening and sat down to read it after dinner.

The Lost Ways is over 400 pages long but I found that it’s very easy to read and I got through half of it that evening.

I was BLOWN AWAY at how much I was learning about survival.

The first thing I learned was how to build a self feeding fire.

The point of a self feeding fire is that it feeds itself through the night to keep you warm so you don’t have to keep getting up to stoke it or add wood.

Have you ever heard of the law of 3 when it comes to survival?

The law of 3 states that survival is only possible for 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water and 3 hours without warmth.

Learning how to build a fire is a must and thanks to The Lost Ways I now know how to do it right.

But what about food?

The Lost Ways goes talks a lot about food.

First off you’ll learn how to make hardtack biscuits.

They’re a high carb snack made from water, flour and salt and they will last for many years so you can survive on them for a long time.

In fact if you go to Wentworth museum in Pensacola Florida you can see some hardtack biscuits that are still intact and edible from 1862 that were made for the soldiers to eat during the civil war!

Hardtack biscuits can be quite tough on the teeth so the soldiers used to mix them with whiskey, coffee, water or tea to make them soft and to add some flavor.

The Lost Ways also comes with a bunch of different recipes that you can make in and end of the world type situation.

Here’s some of the recipes you’ll find..

It’s good to know that you can still make some nice meals even if the world ends.

But where do you get the ingredients?

Well that’s where wild crafting comes in and there’s a whole section on it in The Lost Ways.

Wild crafting is all about foraging in the wild.

There’s a big list of herbs and stuff that you can collect from the great outdoors that will help you survive.

You’ll learn their name, what they look like and most importantly how to eat them!

After reading this you’ll be amazed the next time you go out for a stroll at what you recognize from the list.

Another thing I learned is how to make Pemmican.

Pemmican is a mixture of meat and rendered fat and should last for years before going off.

It’s actually a nutritionally complete food because it contains protein, carbohydrates and fat.

According to The Lost Ways just 10 pounds of Pemmican will last you 2 full weeks and a LOT longer if rationed.

I also found out how to make bark bread too.

By using the inner bark from a specific tree you can make your own bark bread also known as “famine bread”.

It’s safe and nutritious but you need to use the right bark!

But what about MEAT and PROTEIN?!

The TRUTH is that before I read The Lost Ways I didn’t know anything about hunting.

Luckily the book teaches you all about trapping beavers and muskrats and hunting for meat.

Hunting and trapping are essential skills because you need the meat to eat and the fur for warmth.

There’s a whole section on catching fish and building your own smoke house so you can smoke the fish.

You might want to smoke your fish because fish spoils quickly but smoking it extends its longevity quite a bit because it dehydrates it.

Plus it kills bacteria and adds some flavor too!

And do you know what? Finding food is only half the battle.

You also need to know how to store it!

You can’t just put it in the fridge (unless you somehow still have one.)

You’re going to need a root cellar!

With the cost of food these days I’m thinking about making my own root cellar to store my food in.

The Lost Ways tells you how to make your own root cellar.

You’ll learn what to put in it and how to maintain it to keep your food fresh for as long as possible.

But what about water and drinks?

It isn’t just food that you’ll learn about in The Lost Ways either.

There’s a whole section on water and making your own beverages.

Water doesn’t last forever. After a while BACTERIA starts to grow in it that will KILL YOU.

You need to learn how to preserve your water so that bacteria doesn’t ruin it.

The Lost Ways will tell you how to get safe and clean drinking water.

Then how to store it properly so that it lasts for as long as possible.

They say that “you never know the worth of water until the well is dry” so this is some real important stuff to learn.

BEER! Beer lasts longer than water because the alcohol kills the bacteria.

As well as that beer contains some much needed nutrients. 🙂

Plus who wouldn’t want a beer at the end of the world?

There’s a whole section in The Lost Ways on making moonshine too.

HELP! I HURT Myself..

All the Hospitals are gone and there’s no more doctors.

So what do you do if you need medical attention?

Well The Lost Ways has you covered.

In the book you’ll learn how to make a selection of poultices.

A poultice is is a topical application that’s usually heated and used to treat wounds and sores.

The base of a poultice is usually made of bread but you can use cloth too.

The Lost Ways shows you how to make a bunch of poultices such as;

  • A soothing poultice.
  • An anti inflammation poultice.
  • A poultice for stomach aches.
  • A poultice to treat abscesses.

Back in the day when the pioneers were trekking across this great land of ours they didn’t have the luxury of stopping off at a nearby hospital if they got injured.

They had to heal themselves or die.

If the world as we know it should end then I’m thankful that I’ve got The Lost Ways book so I’ll have ways to heal myself and my family.


So the other day I was driving somewhere to pick up something I had bought on eBay.

As I was driving along I was getting directions from my GPS and it occurred to me that I am way too reliant on this little piece of technology.

If there were no maps or GPS devices then what would I do?

As a man I hate to admit it but I’m really bad at navigation.

So when I found an entire section on how to navigate inside The Lost Ways guide I was pretty grateful.

When it comes to navigation you’ll learn;

  • The shadow tip method.
  • The watch method.
  • Using the stars.
  • Using the sun.
  • Using the moon.
  • How to use moss and vegetation to navigate.
  • How to make a compass.

Navigation is an essential skill and I feel confident now that I’ll be able to navigate to wherever I need to go should an EMP hit and our GPS devices stop working.

Bacteria KILLS!

Everyday we use products like shampoo and soap to clean ourselves and get rid of bacteria.

If you get sick or infected then you will need to find medicine or make a poultice.

This is a lot of hassle.

So it’s easier to just make sure you keep clean so it doesn’t get to the point where you get an infection.

But what are you gonna do when all the shops close and there’s no soap left?

Well don’t worry The Lost Ways has you covered again.

There’s an entire section on how to make your own soap and toothpaste.

Most importantly you’ll learn how to keep clean and get rid of harmful bacteria.


When law enforcement ceases to exist and mob rule takes over you’re going to need to know how to defend yourself, your land and your family.

Most people will find themselves not knowing what to do when the world ends so they’ll target the people that are surviving.. Like us!

So it’s vital that we know how to defend ourselves.

In the book you’ll learn all kinds of ways to defend yourself and your land.

You’ll learn about the right guns to own.

And even how to raise your own posse with your neighbors so you can work together to defend against strangers.

It’s important to have the right guns.

You don’t want guns that have lots of parts that could break.

You need something reliable and simple and you also need to know how to make your own ammo in case you run out.

There’s even details on how to make your own knives in the book.

The Lost Ways pretty much covers everything.

But what if I don’t have a home?

Learning how to defend your home is all well and good but what if you have to leave your home and start a new one?

Well there’s a great section in The Lost Ways that explains STEP by STEP how to make your own subterranean roundhouse as fast as possible.

So no matter what happens you’ll know how to build a home and survive wherever you go.

The Lost Ways BONUSES!?

The Lost Ways also comes with a few bonuses..

One was called “What every survivalist should grow in his backyard.”

It tells you what to grow and how to grow it.

It even tells you how to harvest and store your produce correctly.

Another bonus was called “How to build your own can rotation system” .

It gives you the plans to build your own can rotatory that can hold up to 700 cans.

This way you always get the cans that will expire first so you can be efficient and not have to spend time looking at the dates on cans.

Should YOU Buy The Lost Ways?

The Lost Ways is possibly the best book I’ve ever read.

There’s a lot more in there that I wasn’t able to cover in this review.

Even if the world doesn’t end it’s all good knowledge to have anyway.

But if civilization as we know comes CRASHING DOWN then I’m thankful that I have a copy to help me and my family survive.

It’s one of those books that you’ll want to have because you might really need it one day.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my review.

I recommend The Lost Ways ? percent.

You can get your copy of The Lost Ways at TheLostWays.com

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