An Honest Semenax Review & My Results

I’ve been using Semenax in an effort to try and get my dick to work properly again. 🙂 

I had my doubts about this product and at first I thought it was a scam. 

But it ended up working so good that I thought it would be helpful for anyone thinking of using it if I sat down and wrote this review! 

Reviews! 4 new Semenax reviews have been posted below by other guys using it! 

I didn’t really know what was happening to me.

Maybe it was age or maybe it was just stress but I started to notice that my s were becoming weaker and my s less and less intense.

This was driving a wedge between my girlfriend Grace and me.

I mean we used to have great  all the time.

Before I went to see a doctor I thought I’d look online to see if there was something I could do to fix my problem.

Somehow I found myself reading an interview by a male p♠rnstar on the secrets of the  industry and he said that he uses a product called Semenax.

I read a few reviews about it and apparently this Semenax thing was pretty good so I ordered myself 3 bottles.

Apparantly Semenax was something that doesn’t work right away.

It’s not medication, it’s more like a supplement so you need to take it for a few weeks before it starts to work.

Which made sense because the first 3 or 4 weeks that I took Semenax I didn’t really notice many changes.

I felt a bit more upbeat and had a bit more energy but that was about it.

After 30 days of Semenax I started noticing changes..

It’s hard to explain in words but after about 30 days I was suddenly feeling much healthier and alive.

In the mornings I would immediately feel wide awake as soon as my alarm went off and I’d be up and full of energy.

In the past I’d have to hit the snooze button many times and have a big cup of coffee before any life would surface in me.

I also started getting more work done at the office.

Usually by the afternoon I start feeling like something from the “Walking Dead” but after taking Semanax for a while I felt great even in the afternoon.

I started getting comments from people that I was looking really well and they wanted to know what I was doing. 🙂

Of course I couldn’t exactly tell them I was using a product called Semenax so I just told them I’d been eating healthy and going to the gym.

So that was the first phase..

After 6 weeks taking Semenax..

I was loving the results so far and I felt great but things really started to kick in after about 6 weeks.

It was late in the evening on a Friday night..

Grace had just cooked me a delicious romantic home cooked meal.

We had pasta and wine..

She was treating me especially nice because I took her out to see the “Swan Lake” ballet that she had always wanted to see.

After the meal we went upstairs and she went into the bathroom.

When she came out a few minutes later she was wearing some y black lingerie with stockings and suspenders.

It drives me wild when she dresses like this.

She looked y as hell as she turned around and I saw how amazing her  looked when she bent over a little.

If this was any other night then I probably wouldn’t have been able to get a proper .

But this time thanks to Semenax I looked down and saw that I had the biggest  of my life.

My  just looked bigger and fuller than it ever done before.

What a night for Semenax to start working!

For the rest of the night we had the best  we had ever had.

On top of that my  was at least ½ an inch bigger.

And I seemed to be able to have a lot more control over when I came too.

For the first time ever Grace actually came from penetration.

I think it was a mix of my  being so hard and the fact that I seemed to be able to last a lot longer too.

They say it takes the average woman about 15 minutes before she s and I lasted well over 25 minutes.

And they don’t call it Semenax for nothing because when I did  I swear it must have been about 10 or 11 squirts and it felt amazing.

I’d never had an  like it.

I laid on the bed afterwards and thought “Woah, what the hell just happened?!”

I don’t think she could believe it either.

And here’s where things get even more amazing..

When I woke up the next morning I actually had an  again which was so strange because I haven’t had a morning woody for years.

Me and my girlfriend had  again that morning and we pretty much stayed in bed all day.

6 months of taking Semenax

It’s been 6 months now since I started buying Semenax and things couldn’t be better.

We have  all the time.

To be honest I think Semenax saved our relationship as I don’t know how long she would have stayed with me with the way things were before.

And because I have more energy we do more stuff together now whereas before I was always too tired.

I’m amazed every time I masturbate or have  because I just  so much and my s feel amazing.

If you’re on the fence about Semenax then I recommend giving it a try.

Follow the directions and take it every day and you won’t be disappointed.

Just make sure you buy it from the official Semenax website here.

Semenax Reviews

Semenax works great.

The don't call it "Semen"-ax for no reason do they. I've been ming loads more lately. Like twice as much as normal. I'm wondering how it all fitted into my balls. 


The effects are powerful.

I have tried 4 other pills like this and Semenax is the best one I've tried. I get ions more often, bigger and harder and more semen and for me I felt the changes in just a few days. 

Will I be buying again? Yes. The effects are too good to quit now. 

Semenax is working great.

I was hoping to use this stuff because I heard it is good for s and makes them feel better and last longer but there are other benefits too which I like. 

The best one that I found is my ions are a lot more fuller and thicker. I have 2 more bottles left so I'm happy! 


5 Stars for Semenax! It just works!

Hey Dan, thanks for recommending this. I'm 45 years old and was having problems with getting it up and weak ions and stuff like that due to age but thanks to semenax when it comes to  I feel 21 again. 

3 weeks into using it and I am getting hard daily and not just semi  but fully hard. 

Me and my wife are having  regularly again and I can say for sure that my s are incredible. 

They last for ages and I  loads which feels really good. 

And like others I have really noticed that my  seems bigger because it gets harder. It just looks meatier if that makes sense. 

Again, thanks for the recommendation as this stuff has made me and my wife very satisfied! 

Robert C.

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Get your supply of Semenax from the official Semenax website here

Why Does Semenax Work? What’s In It?

When I first read the label and looked at the ingredients of Semenax to be honest I didn’t really know what any of them were.

Now that I know it works I thought I would do some investigating as to what’s actually in it..

Vitamin E So there are many health benefits of Vitamin E but did you know that a lot of men who suffer from ED and low  drive are actually Vitamin E deficient.

So that’s why it contains Vitamin E to help get your levels back up to normal.

Zinc Aspartate Most of us don’t actually get enough zinc.

By supplementing with zinc you can actually increase your levels of free testosterone which is great for your libido and  drive.

Butea Superba Root Extract This ingredient is well known in Thailand as a natural aphrodisiac that will increase your  drive.

In one study over 80% of men got better results taking this ingredient to help with ED than taking .

Pretty powerful stuff.

L-Carnitine I believe this is an amino acid and after spending some time researching it I am thoroughly impressed.

It was found to be better at curing ED than testosterone and some men who were even unresponsive to  found that L-Carnitine helped give them stronger s.

Maca Root Extract Studies show that Maca root extract will increase the amount of semen that you produce and improve libido.

Pine Bark Extract – Studies show that pine bark extract is actually very good at improving blood flow and helping the body carry more oxygen around the body.

Better blood flow is important when it comes to s.

L-Arginine HCL This is another amino acid but what’s interesting is that a study found that when a group of men took L-Arginine is combined with Pine Bark Extract over 90% of them found it reduced the symptoms of ED and helped them get s again.

L-Lysine This is another amino acid. Most men who suffer from ED are low on L-Lysine which is essential for good ual health.

Many studies seem to show that ED can be cured by getting your L-Lysine levels back up to normal levels so it’s good to see that it’s in the Semenax pills.

Catuaba Bark Extract If you go to Brazil and ask about Catuaba Bark then everyone will know what you mean.

The Brazilians have been eating the bark of the Catuaba plant for hundreds of years ever since they discovered that it was a powerful aphrodisiac and helped the men get s, even the ones that suffered from ED.

Epimedium Sagittatum Ever heard of horny goat weed?

Well this is it. Epimedium Sagittatum will help boost your testosterone levels and increase your  drive making you feel younger and stronger.

Muira Puama Extract In 1994 a doctor named Jacques Waynberg gathered 260 men who suffered from ED and 100 mg of Muira Puama extract per day (the same amount that’s in Semenax).

After just 2 weeks 63% of the men reported amazing changes and the ability to get and maintain s again.

Hawthorne Berry Extract This ingredient helps to increase blood flow and also to relax the soft tissue in the  similar to the way  does.

This means bigger s.

Tribulus Extract Tribulus extract is popular among bodybuilders because it’s very effective at increasing testosterone levels naturally.

More testosterone means you’ll feel younger and produce more semen. Plus it’s great if you workout too.

Avena Sativa Extract Not only is this a potent mood booster but studies have shown that Avena Sativa is great at increasing  drive and improving  quality.

One study showed that Avena Sativa increased semen quantity by over 150%.

Sarsaparilla Root Extract It’s used to increase testosterone levels. Men within the South American tribes have been using it for hundreds of years to help improve their libido and increase their  drive.

Swedish Flower Extract This ingredient is for a healthy prostate gland as well as being an antioxidant.

Pumpkin Seed Extract It was found that most men who suffer from ED also have low levels of manganese in their system.

Pumpkin seeds have high levels of manganese that will give you the top up you need.

My conclusion of the ingredients: So I hope you found that useful.

I actually found it really interesting looking up the ingredients and seeing what they all do.

After going through them all it’s easy to see why Semenax works because when you put them all together you have some powerful stuff.

Let’s Talk About The Semenax Pros & Cons..

Starting With The Cons

  • It takes time to get the full benefits. It would be nice if Semenax just got to work immediately but it doesn’t. It will probably take 30 days give or take before you start to get the full benefits.
  • When you stop taking Semenax you will return to normal. The effects of Semenax will only last for as long as you’re taking it.

Now Onto The Pros

  • The price is fair. I’ve compared the price to a lot of other similar products and Semenax is one of the cheapest yet it’s the only one that has actually worked for me so I think the price is very fair.
  • More . They don’t call it Semenax for nothing. Since using this I  a LOT more. It feels great.
  • Best  ever. Since I’ve been on Semenax my s have been very intense and feel amazing.
  • Great for ED. I was struggling to get an  and keep it up but Semenax has pretty much cured my ED which is why I plan to take it for a long as they make it.
  • Harder . My s are BIGGER and HARDER now than they have ever been in the past.
  • Energy booster. I genuinely believe that the Semenax pills will help you to feel younger and give you more energy because many of the ingredients work to boost your testosterone levels which is great if you workout too.

If you give it at least 30 days to do it’s thing then I think you’ll be impressed.

The Semenax Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about buying Semenax then you may have some questions.

I’m going to try and answer some of those questions below.

Are there any nasty side effects? None that I’ve noticed and I haven’t heard of anyone else having any adverse side effects either.

There are no pharmaceutical ingredients in Semanax so I think it’s pretty safe and healthy.

Will the results be permanent? Semenax is not a cure, it’s more of a supplement so the effects will only last for as long as you continue to take it.

If you stop taking it then you will lose your results.

Do I need to wait long to see results? I’ve heard of some people seeing results right away however it will probably take several weeks before you start to get the real benefits because it needs to build up in your system.

Is it true that Semenax increases size? It definitely helps you get a bigger  so kind of yes but don’t expect to gain inches with it.

From my experience my s are almost half an inch bigger than before which makes a BIG difference.

So if there’s a question that hasn’t already been answered in this review then feel free to post it in the comment box below and I’ll do my best to answer it.

The Ultimate Question – Should YOU Buy Semenax Or Not?

Semenax has pretty much saved my relationship with my girlfriend.

I get s easily and I don’t lose s halfway through  anymore.

Plus my my s are bigger than ever before.

I feel like a changed man not just in the bedroom but in other areas of my life because I have more energy and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

So do I recommend that you buy Semenax? Absolutely. It is the only thing that I’ve found that actually works.

Give it a chance. It’s powerful stuff.

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Hi Dan I’m a man in my 50s do you think that it will work for me?


I totally forgot I have some semenax already. It came with something else I bought and I never even tried it.

After reading your post Dan I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes!

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